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About Project

Promprylad.Renovation is an innovation center on premises of an old plant. It focuses at 4 areas of region development — new economy, urban studies, contemporary art, and education.

Project follows the impact investing model, where investors contribute to social changes in the region and get a return on investment in the form of dividend payouts.


overall number of funds raised for the project
*as of December 11, 2018


investors have joined


overall area of the center


revitalized area

The project is implemented by the consortium of the strategic partners:

Why should you invest in Promprylad

Be a part of changes

It is a place where people can self-actualize, unlock their potential, and drive positive change in the city. A successful project can become a replicable model for similar territories.

Receive dividend payouts

By investing here, you become a co-owner of the plant and have the right to receive dividend payouts. The value of your share will increase in the course of revitalization.

Meet people with common values

The project highlights people with similar values, prompts them to find common solutions to the problems, and becomes a source of talents and unique expertise.



Invest in Promprylad

By investing in Renovation, you support social changes in the region and become a co-owner of the real plant.

Minimal payment starts from $1000

We have already received $1 279 599 from 21 investors

Support project

Become a part of the project, contribute to building reparations and territory arrangements


27 вже інвестували

Филюк Юрій 11 700 000 uah
Дятел Ольга 520 000 uah
Андрій Черніков 520 000 uah
Лідер Дмитро 260 000 uah
Цюпа Тарас 8 710 uah
Аветисян Ірина 373 100 uah
Сорока Віктор 257 374 uah
Стецик Ярема 49 166 uah
Яцюк Тетяна 28 210 uah
Мотовилець Сергій 29 874 uah
Бубен Олександр 1 014 000 uah
Соляник Анастасія 13 000 uah
Котенко Катерина 13 000 uah
Верведа Валерія 13 000 uah
Прокопенко Катерина 56 368 uah
Левицький Олександр 34 268 uah
Шлапай Любов 16 068 uah
Сарапін Віктор 299 988 uah
Вітенко Іван 84 136 uah
Богородов Олександр 13 000 uah
Картушова Євгeнія Олeгівна 16 000 uah
Сімутін Сергій 28 000 uah
Асмолов Євгеній 100 uah
Брік Тимофій uah
Хмара Дмитро 28 uah
Саваневський Максим 28 uah
Іванов Влад uah