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About Project

Promprylad.Renovation is an innovation center on premises of an old plant. It focuses on four areas of region development — new economy, urban design, contemporary art, and education. Project follows the impact investing model, where investors contribute to social changes in the region and get a return on investment in the form of dividend payouts.


overall number of funds raised for the project
*as of April, 2019


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The Project is implemented by the consortium of the strategic partners:

Why should you invest in Promprylad

Be a part of changes

Promprylad is an idea of a reboot, a place for personal fulfilment and a reason to stay in the city.

Receive dividend payouts

By investing here, you become a co-owner of the plant and have the right to receive dividend payouts. The value of your share will increase in the course of revitalization.

Meet people with common values

The project unites people with similar values, prompts them to find common solutions to the problems, and provides access to talents and unique expertise.



Invest in Promprylad

By investing in Renovation, you support social changes in the region and become a co-owner of the real plant.

Join the community of social entrepreneurs with the minimal contribution of $ 1,000.

We have already received $1,796,999 from 74 investors.

Support project

Become a part of the project, contribute to building reparations and territory arrangements


39 вже інвестували

Yuriy Fylyuk 11 700 000 uah
Diatel Olha 520 000 uah
Andrii Chernikov 520 000 uah
Dmytro Lider 260 000 uah
Taras Tsiupa 8 710 uah
Iryna Avetysian 373 100 uah
Viktor Soroka 257 374 uah
Yarema Stetsyk 49 166 uah
Tetiana Yatsiuk 28 210 uah
Serhii Motovylets 29 874 uah
Oleksandr Buben 1 014 000 uah
Anastasiia Solianyk 13 000 uah
Kateryna Kotenko 13 000 uah
Valeriia Verveda 13 000 uah
Kateryna Prokopenko 56 368 uah
Oleksandr Levytskyi 34 268 uah
Liubov Shlapai 16 068 uah
Viktor Sarapin 299 988 uah
Ivan Vitenko 84 136 uah
Oleksandr Bohorodov 13 000 uah
Yevheniia Kartushova 16 000 uah
Serhii Simutin 28 000 uah
Yevhenii Asmolov 100 000 uah
Tymofii Brik uah
Dmytro Khmara 28 000 uah
Savanevskyi Maksym 28 000 uah
Vlad Ivanov uah
Ahdriy Pikhmanets 28 000 uah
Valery Tkhor 28 000 uah
Ihor Melnychuk 28 000 uah
Marta Kondryn 55 000 uah
Volodymyr Polovskyi uah
Yurii Babak 84 000 uah
Viktor Sarapin 2 700 000 uah
Oles Varenyk uah
Yurii Anushkevychus 40 000 uah
Mykhailo Hurei 28 000 uah
Taras Pylypiv uah
Yuliia Koturbash uah